• Install Jackal XMPP Server as Service on Debian Linux

    This guide installs jackal XMPP server as a service on boot, enabling tls encryption with a self-signed certificate, onto Debian 9.5 Linux using MariaDB as the database. jackal is built from go source and installed as a service within: /etc/init.d/

  • Clone GoDaddy Wordpress Installation to Development Environment on Debian Linux & VMWare

    This guide clones a Wordpress installation on GoDaddy to a development environment on Debian 9.5 Linux and VMWare, making it available via a subdomain pointing to the external network’s IP address. This allows a Wordpress child theme to be developed locally and previewed remotely before being deployed to production.

  • Install Debian Stretch on VMWare with Custom Iptables NAT

    This guide installs Debian 9.5 on VMWare using a virtual network bridge and NAT within iptables to isolate the virtual machine from connecting to other machines on local network, while still allowing outside connectivity. Only udp DNS requests are allowed from virtual machine to local network.

  • Contact Form w/ reCAPTCHA & E-mail Delivery through Google Forms & Google Apps Scripts

    This guide sets up a contact form with reCAPTCHA which submits to Google Forms and through Google Sheets and Google Apps Scripts, e-mails the contents of the form to a specified e-mail address. No backend code is necessary; works on Github Pages, Google Sites, etc.

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